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Statutes of the Textile Importers Association

§ 1 The Purpose of the Association

The Textile Importers is an association of companies engaged in the import of textile products.

The Association aims to safeguard and promote its members’ mutual interest in the free import of textile products. Particular emphasis will be placed on reinforcing the interests of the textile import trade in relation to political bodies, public authorities and other organisations within the industry, as well as those with the ability to sway opinions such as the mass media. A further task of the Association is to provide members with services relating to issues concerning the import of textiles. The Association shall also work to ensure the observance of the rules and regulations which are applicable to the import of textile goods.

The Association shall adopt an independent stance with regard to other organisations.

§ 2 Membership

Membership of the Association may be gained by any reputable company in the Nordic region which engages in the import of textile goods and which wholly or partly bases its activities on such imports.

Associate membership may be gained by freight companies and other companies which offer a service based in Sweden, as well as, for example, Swedish state-owned authorities which operate as a business.

Associate members do not have voting rights at either annual or extraordinary meetings. Otherwise, associate members have the same rights and obligations as other members.

Decisions concerning membership are taken by the Association’s Board of Directors.

Any member may be excluded with immediate effect if serious reasons warrant such a measure. Decisions concerning exclusion are taken by the board of directors.

At meetings, each member has a single vote.

Membership is valid for the calendar year. Withdrawal of membership may take place only once a written notice of termination has been submitted, at least six months prior to year-end. However, companies which either cease their business activities or are excluded from the association will withdraw during the current calendar year.

§ 3 The Board of Directors

Aside from the chairman, the board of the Association comprises a number of members and deputies elected at the annual meeting. All elections are valid for a period of one year. No member company can be represented by more than one board member.

The board is elected each year at the Association’s annual general meeting.

It is the responsibility of the board to:

monitor and contribute to the implementation of the duties of the Association

appoint an appropriate person to handle the affairs of the Association as its CEO

decide on the make-up and organisation of the Association’s secretariat

decide on the inclusion or exclusion of a member pursuant to § 2

prepare matters to be decided upon at Association meetings and act upon these decisions

be responsible for any funds belonging to the Association and keep its accounts

prepare and decide upon the Association’s budget for the following year

release management reports, profit-and-loss accounts and balance sheets

§ 4 Authorised Signatories

The Board of Directors is responsible for appointing the Association’s authorised signatory or signatories.

In terms of its legal relationships, only the assets of the Association are liable.

§ 5 Annual Meeting

The annual general meeting of the Association shall be held each year at a time and place decided by the Board. Notice of the annual meeting shall be sent by post no later than 14 days before the meeting.

At the annual meeting, the following matters shall be raised:
1. Opening of the annual meeting
2. Election of the chairman of the meeting
3. Election of two attestants to assist the chairman in approving the minutes
4. Question about whether the meeting has been validly convened
5. Determination of the agenda
6. Board of directors’ report
7. Auditors’ report
8. Question about the granting of discharge to the board of directors
9. Determination of the annual fee. Determination of the grounds for service compensation for the Association
10. Election of the Chairman for the period leading up to the next annual meeting
11. Determination of the number of board members and deputies
12. Election of the board for the period leading up to the next annual meeting
13. Election of at least one auditor and deputy
14. Election Committee. Election of Election Committee members ‘
15. Any other business

§ 6 Extra Meetings

Extra meetings shall be held when the board deems it necessary or when at least five members request it. Notice of the extra meeting shall be sent by post no later than 14 days before the meeting.

§ 7 Audit

The Association’s administration and accounts shall be audited by at least one auditor.

§ 8 Statute Changes

Decisions to amend these statutes shall be taken at the annual general meeting. Information about proposed changes to the statutes shall be submitted to members either prior to or at the same time as notice of the annual meeting being given.

§ 9 Cessation of the Association

A decision to cease operations is not valid unless all members are in agreement or this decision has been taken at two consecutive meetings at least one month apart. One of these meetings shall be the annual general meeting of the Association. At the meeting at which the matter has most recently been raised, it shall be decided by at least a three-quarter majority of those members participating in the vote.

Any decision to dissolve the Association shall be followed by decisions on the manner in which its funds are to be disposed of.

(Statutes adopted at the constitutional meeting 20/4/1982. Revised at the annual meeting 12/6/1997. § 5, art. 13 and § 7 revised at the annual meeting 17/5/2005.)

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